Why Attention Is The New Black

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SelfieEvery business, celebrity, brand or person is waging an ongoing battle – for attention.  So what kind of marketing grabs it?

The era of interruptive marketing — “hey, you’re watching a show, let me interrupt you with a completely irrelevant ad about a product you have a 1% chance of actually buying” — is dying.  (Thank heavens — because I’m sort of tired of seeing reverse home mortgage ads when I’m trying to watch NFL games.)

The era of engaged contextual marketing — “hey, here’s something cool that we know, based on data, you are likely to like; take a selfie with our product and share with your social graph” — is ascendant.

And in this new world, attention is the new black — how can you get it, hold it, and monetize it.

Content creation is expensive.  Content aggregation is not.  And viral content marketing — by the user-generated content creators themselves — has wonderful economics.

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