Why is CEO Reputation Management Important Online?

Online, CEO Reputation Management has become vitally important.

For today’s Fortune 500 CEOs, Google Search is the new first impression.

Google controls about 85% of U.S. search volume. The cost of research is essentially nothing; everyone simply Googles everything.

It’s a fact: online, you are who Google says you are.

Social Czars helps CEOs look their absolute best in Google Searches – we make sure their online reputation shines.

We relentlessly defend and enhance the online reputations of our CEO clients – discreetly and effectively.


How Has Online CEO Reputation Management Changed?

Online CEO Reputation Management matters more than ever before:

  • CEOs are the “face” of their companies – across all platforms
  • Consumers are now active digital publishers – often on multiple platforms per consumer
  • Investors, institutional and private, are emboldened media publishers and contributors
  • Company employees are active digital publishers
  • Consumer review sites have proliferated
  • Media coverage is 24-7-365
  • Competitors often use “sock puppet” or bot accounts to attack business rivals online
  • Web surveillance companies record all mentions of companies and CEOs in real-time
  • More audio and video recording devices exist than at any time in human history – any missteps are taped, edited, and instantaneously shared
  • Consumers overwhelmingly prefer visible CEOs that stand behind their company products.


Online CEO Reputation Management Impacts Company Valuations

In a recent report, “The CEO Reputation Premium,” NYC-based public relations firm Weber Shandwick found:

  • “Global executives… attribute nearly half (45%) of their company’s reputation to the reputation of their chief executive officer.”
  • “Executives estimate that 44% of their company’s market value is attributable to the reputation of their CEO.”
  • “CEOs have entered a golden age of opportunity in which to tell their company stories. They are far less dependent on traditional media to profile their biographies and echo their future strategies.”

Executives noted benefits of a positive CEO reputation included “attracting investors (87%), positive media attention (83%) and positive employee attraction (77%).”

Notably, the report discussed a recent trend – that CEO visibility and reputation not longer are viewed as “CEO celebrity” culture, but rather, are seen as “CEO credibility” requirements.


What Does Great Online CEO Reputation Management Entail?

Google Search typically values very specific content for CEOs:

  • Wikipedia – does the CEO have a Wikipedia page?
  • Google Knowledge Panel (GKP) – does the CEO have or control a GKP?
  • LinkedIn – both the CEO’s personal and company profiles… are these optimized for search?
  • Corporate Website Bio – does the CEO have a bio on the company website that is optimized for search?
  • Personal Website – does the CEO have a personal website, optimized for search?
  • Trusted Sources – has the CEO been mentioned by any recent sources Google trusts (WSJ, NYT, etc.)?
  • Social Media – does the CEO has personal social media profiles on sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.?

Social Czars provides all of the services above for our CEO clients – so their Google Search results look their absolute best.

It is true that Google Search algorithmically varies depending on the type of Google Search being used.

For example, Google “All” Search tends to favor content links from the sources just mentioned, while Google “News” search has a bias for recency, Google “Autocomplete/Type Ahead” search has a bias for keyword web traffic and so on.

Generally speaking: it is wise to control as many platforms as a CEO can on page one Google Search results. The goal is control as much share of voice as possible.

A CEO with a Wikipedia page, Google Knowledge Panel, website corporate bio, LinkedIn bio, Social Media profiles ranking on page one of Google has a far better chance to control his or her online reputation.

Sun Tzu wrote in the “Art of War” that every battle is won BEFORE it is ever fought. CEO Reputation Management is similar; a good plan can go a long way towards achieving lasting results.

Social Czars Excels at CEO Reputation Management Online

Social Czars has worked with hundreds of CEOs, high net worth individuals, celebrities and professional athletes to protect and enhance their online reputations.

We quickly identify your best content and promote it for Google Searches.

We quickly identify all threats to your online reputation and suppress or remove these from Google Searches.

We are Elite. Discreet. Trusted.

We take care of all of this in the background – like a ghost in the machine.

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